Flourishing After Addiction with Carl Erik Fisher

Healthy relationships in recovery, with Dr. Bevin Campbell

May 05, 2022 Carl Erik Fisher Season 1 Episode 15
Flourishing After Addiction with Carl Erik Fisher
Healthy relationships in recovery, with Dr. Bevin Campbell
Show Notes

Taking care of our relationships is a crucial way we take care of ourselves and the wider world. Some of the most common questions I get in my clinical practice and from listeners are questions about how to navigate relationships in addiction and recovery: couples, parents and kids, or otherwise. So I wanted to have a clinically focused episode about this important issue, and it was my great pleasure to talk with my good friend and wise colleague, Dr. Bevin Campbell, a psychotherapist who focuses on relationships, addiction, and recovery.

Bevin has particular expertise in and passion for working with couples, but as you’ll hear, we cover issues that are important for all human relationships, in families, at work, and beyond. We discuss the tricky distinction between seeing addiction as “caused” by relationship problems versus stepping back and getting perspective on the bigger cycles--i.e., situating the addiction as part of a system. We explore other, everyday addictions and how they affect relationships, such as compulsive internet use, working, gaming, or otherwise. She gives some extremely useful tips about anger and avoidance, grief and trauma, and power and coercion. And we reflect on that vexing question that, for better or for worse, so many people have in these situations: “how do I get my loved one to change?”

Bevin Campbell, Psy.D., is a psychologist interested in all things related to love and attachment, from the challenges of staying emotionally connected to a partner to the pain of grief and loss. She sees couples in her Brooklyn-based practice, and is also a consultant to New York City agencies and community based organizations on understanding grief and loss and supporting bereaved community members. In addition to her clinical and consulting work she supervises and teaches psychologists in training. Follow her on Twitter or see her clinical website here.

In this episode:
- Attachment: An Essential Guide for Science-Based Practice (partially free online)
- There is a "sweet spot" for maternal responsiveness, and responding perfectly to our child's needs isn't best for optimal development: “Maternal responsiveness and sensitivity reconsidered: Some is more”
- CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) therapy, developed by Robert Meyers
- ...which draws on the Community Reinforcement Approach
- Salvador Mnuchin
- Michael Zentman
- Beatrice Beebe
- Donald Winnicott
- A good article in The Atlantic about several of these topics. 

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